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For many headache and migraine sufferers, over-the-counter medications aren’t enough. Our clinical team offers innovative prevention and treatment options to help you return to pain free-living.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is a very painful type of headache. People who get migraines often describe the pain as pulsing or throbbing in one area of the head. During a migraine, people are very sensitive to light and sound and may also become nauseated and vomit.

Migraines are three times more common in women than in men. Some people can usually identify when they are about to have a migraine because they see flashing lights or zigzag lines or they temporarily lose their vision.

Many things can trigger a migraine. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Lack of food or sleep
  • Exposure to light
  • Hormonal changes (in women)

Today, many experts believe that the cause of migraines is related to genes that control the activity of some brain cells.

Treatment Options

While medicines exist to help prevent migraine attacks or help relieve symptoms of a migraine when it occurs, there are also drug-free treatment options such as Cefaly®.

At Sandhills Neurologists, we employ a mix of treatment options customized the individual needs of the patient.

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Cefaly®: Drug-Free Treatment for Headache

Sandhills Neurologists is proud to offer Cefaly® — the first device of its kind to receive FDA approval for the preventative treatment of migraine headaches.

What is Cefaly?

What is Cefaly?

It’s an FDA approved, small, portable and battery-operated device, positioned in the center of a patient’s forehead for the preventative treatment of migraine headaches. It works by transmitting a low-voltage electrical signal through the skin to targeted nerve terminals that often play a role in migraines. Cefaly has shown promising results and a significant decrease in the frequency and intensity of migraines. Today, there are more than 100,000 Cefaly units in use around the world, bringing relief to countless patients with chronic migraines.

Sandhills Neurologists is proud to be among a select group of clinics in the U.S., approved to offer this unique treatment option. We are excited to bring drug-free migraine relief combined with education and support, to so many of our chronic migraine patients.

If you suffer from severe migraines or tension headaches, or would like to decrease your drug consumption to treat migraines, talk to your primary care physician or call our office at (844) 435-7867 to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cefaly

The electrodes are designed to be used 20 times. Before applying the electrode, the skin on the forehead should always be cleaned and degreased thoroughly with soap and water. Once the session ends, the electrode should be stuck back onto its clear plastic backing sheet and stored in its pouch.

2 good-quality alkaline 1.5 V type AAA batteries. We recommend Duracell or Panasonic. Be sure batteries are inserted the right way round (+ end of both batteries pointing towards the back of the device). Batteries should last around one month based on a one-session-per-day use. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

The sensation produced by Cefaly is strange and unusual, but most people get used to it quickly after a few sessions. If it any time it becomes painful, simply press a button during the session to limit its intensity. Only 1.25% of patients have difficulty handling the sensation produced by Cefaly.

It is very likely that the constant beeping sound is telling you that the device’s batteries are low.

  • If you have implanted metallic or an electronic device in the head
  • If you are suffering from pain of unknown origin
  • If you have a cardiac pacemaker or implanted or wearable defibrillator. This may cause interference with pacing, electric shock, or death

The Cefaly device is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. Retain your invoice as this is your proof of purchase and the date marked on it shall be deemed the date of purchase. This 2-year guarantee does not cover accessories such as batteries, electrodes, nor any damage resulting from the device being struck, dropped or damaged in any other way that may prevent it from working properly. Devices that have a cracked, broken or bent box or a box that shows signs of physical damage shall therefore not be covered by the guarantee. This also applies to devices that have had their contact parts bent or crushed by force. During the guarantee period, the device may, depending on the severity of the fault, either be repaired free of charge via an approved repairer or replaced.

Sixty-days money back guarantee is only for the Cefaly device (accessories and any shipping charge are not refundable). The money back guarantee period starts from the day you receive the unit until the date of the return expedition.

Yes! We now offer Blue-Gel electrodes that are hypoallergenic.

There are very few side effects. 

Most common:

  • Intolerance to the feeling of Cefaly on the forehead

Most severe:

  • Allergic skin reaction to the electrode

The Cefaly device costs $349 and comes with a 60-day guarantee. To offset costs, we also offer a rental plan. Replacement electrodes are $25 for a set of 3 regular electrodes or $33 for a set of 3 Blue-Gel electrodes.

Videos About Migraines & Treatment

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