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Please answer the questions below to determine if you can benefit from a more complete assessment of your sleep quality.

Yes to one or more of these questions is a positive screening for OSA; contact Sandhills Neurologists for an appointment with Dr. Chintalapudi for further evaluation, or submit your form and we will be in touch with you.

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Due to extensive damage sustained in a flood, our Cary office located at 251 Keisler Drive, Suite 100 Cary, has been temporarily relocated to the “REGUS” Building, 2500 Regency Parkway, Cary. This location is less than 1 mile from our Keisler Drive Cary office.

We are happy to announce starting Monday, July 19th we will be returning to our original Cary office located at 251 Keisler Drive, Suite 100, Cary. We look forward to seeing you soon!