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Sandhills Neurologists proudly partners with major pharmaceutical companies to offer specialized clinical research studies to our patients and community.

What is a clinical research study?

A clinical research study, also known as a clinical trial, is a scientific study in which patients help doctors find ways to improve standard treatments and a patient’s quality of life.

Taking part in a clinical research study may provide you with access to innovative treatments, while at the same time go a long way toward improving care and finding cures for future generations.

Clinical Research, Sandhills Neurologists
Clinical Research, Sandhills Neurologists

How safe are clinical research studies?

Many people wonder if by participating in a clinical research study is risky or unsafe. The government has set up safeguards that help protect people who decide to take part in a clinical trial. Also, clinical research studies have gone through strict ethical and regulatory checks. That said, nothing 100% risk free. It is important to understand what type of study you are considering and any associated risks before agreeing to take part in a clinical trial.

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